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I Asked The Big “Will You?”

It is official. I am engaged! Well, I planned to give myself to her as her 24th birthday gift =) So, this was what happened : 1. I conned her saying that we’re going for dinner with a few close friends from Puchong. I told her we’re going for steamboat porridge. You should’ve seen the […]

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Thanks But No Thanks

Have you ever had those moments when some stranger makes an inappropriate remark about you that clearly crosses the boundaries (hey, you barely each other, ok?) and you feel like hurting that person physically, like slapping him with an encyclopedia or jabbing his eyeballs or thrusting your fingers into his nose so deep that he […]


Center Point

“If the sun was to move even the slightest bit, the whole solar system and all the planets will go off tangent and will start crashing into one another,” said the ever intelligent Ps Shawn as he was preaching at this morning’s church service. He wasn’t there to give us a lesson on astronomy though. […]



(WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. DO NOT READ ON UNLESS YOU’VE WATCHED THE MOVIE OR NOT PLANNING TO WATCH THE MOVIE AT ALL) Went to watch this movie called “Devil” the other day with Chrystin and I must say, this movie was totally out of my expectation. I expected some b-grade horror thriller (since it was […]

7 Things Never to Say to Your Boss

(Got this email from a friend and I thought it’s something that has nuggets of truth here and there) Everyone has a boss. Even if you “work for yourself,” you’re still an employee to your client. A big part of maintaining the boss-employee relationship is to never allow a boss to think you dislike your […]

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The Book Of God

Two days ago, I started reading this book called “The Book of God” by Walter Wangerin Jr. I bought this book two good years ago (yeah, I know, stop judging me), and I finally found the time to read it. And guess what? I couldn’t stop reading. It’s actually the Bible written as a novel. […]


Migrated… Virtually

It is finished. After years of deciding and procrastinating, I finally made it. I’ve migrated from blogger to wordpress. I’ve always wanted to do so, but the thought of the hassle and work involved just turned me off. However, due to certain circumstances, I finally had to do so. And I must admit, wordpress is […]


To Part or Not to Part?

Recently, as some of you know, I’ve resigned from my lecturing job at my university. It wasn’t an easy decision but there’re a few reasons behind the resignation. First, I started another clothing line and I need more time to run the business if I were to make it happen (Yes, we’ve shut down Testify […]