Migrated… Virtually

It is finished.

After years of deciding and procrastinating, I finally made it. I’ve migrated from blogger to wordpress. I’ve always wanted to do so, but the thought of the hassle and work involved just turned me off. However, due to certain circumstances, I finally had to do so. And I must admit, wordpress is definitely a great choice. Made me wonder why didn’t I use it earlier. If you’re a blogger, you really should consider wordpress too.

I needed a single domain for my portfolio, blog and other pages (which will come soon) and if you observed, this is an integration of all that! In one domain! Hallelujah.

Well, make sure you bookmark this URL (www.aaroink.com) because from now on, I am officially giving my old blog an indefinite sabbatical. With a cool new blog like this, I think I’ll be inspired to write more nowadays.


Individium’s Debut T-Shirt

It’s finally here! Individium is finally releasing its debut t-shirt! As you may or may not know, Individium is my new t-shirt clothing line launched just recently. The idea behind it is really to celebrate the different kinds of people all around the world, so you might just find a t-shirt that describes exactly who you are (more designs to come in the future, of course).

RM30 is an introductory price and there’s only very limited stock! So, grab yours today!

P.S. : Yes, that’s a picture of me and my girlfriend, Chrystin. And no, that’s not a couple exclusive t-shirt. It just so happen that I wanted us to model for Individium’s first tee =)


My Exhibition

Show Off : Poster

I will be having my art exhibition with a bunch of other artists end of this month. So, do come and see my works on display! If you are an art fan, come and enjoy the variety of art pieces from 12 different artists. If you are a relative or friend, come and show support!!! (Click on the image above for more information)


TW’s on Facebook!!!

Testify Wear’s on Facebook!!! Go and get yourself fanned!!! (What I meant is be a fan, not fan yourself)

Click here to check it out!!!


Christmas Time is Here!

The Heavenly Gift : Poster
The Heavenly Gift : Invites Back

Come join us for this year’s Christmas production “The Heavenly Gift!” Any questions, do ask me! Make this Christmas a heavenly one! Oh, and the admission is FREE!!! (the most important word) =P See ya there!!!


Definition: Environment

Definition Environment

I love designing movie posters. When Joel asked me if I was interested in this project, I immediately said yes (despite my busy schedule) because I knew it was going to be fun (and usually, the best works are produced when the brief is fun). Well, here you go, the poster design for this short film, ‘Definition: Environment’

This is a short film done by Joel, a young but emerging world changer who has an eye for beauty through lenses (photography, filming, door peepholes and periscoping? Haha!!!). This short film made it to the Ecofilm Fest finalists and it will be screened on the 1st & 2nd of November 2008 at Aswara, KL. If you want to be inspired, make sure you make your way there then.

Joel, am so proud of you, rock on!!!


Our Christmas Production Posters

They’re finally out! I was wanting to post it but our producer (Kareem) said he wanted to keep it a surprise until the production was over. It was a very interesting task and I had a great time designing these posters. They made me laugh while editing them (people thought I was out of my mind or something)! Anyway, if you don’t know what are these, they’re actually part of the deco for our Christmas production this year! We had talk show (something like Oprah Winfrey) at our church and we interviewed a few people who found the gift of hope in the most helpless times of their lives, specifically, a couple whose baby nearly died during the delivery, a young man who had a dysfunctional relationship with his father and a man who suffered chronic depression from his divorce. I must say, it was an awesome production! Many lives were touched, inspired and most importantly God’s amazing deeds were made public!!! Stay tuned for the pictures of the production in my Multiply photo album soon (once I find the time, December is the busiest time of the year, you know)!!!

Click on the images for a larger resolution. And for those who requested for high resolution soft copies for prints, please email me again so I can send them to you.

Conversations With Cathryn : Main : Poster
Talk Show – Conversations with Cathryn

Conversations With Cathryn : Desperate Husbands : Poster
Drama Series – Desperate Husbands

Conversations With Cathryn : Extreme Sports : Poster
Sports – Extreme Sports

Conversations With Cathryn : Ballet Superstar : Poster
Reality Show – Ballet Superstar

Conversations With Cathryn : News @ 8 : Poster
News – News at 8

Conversations With Cathryn : The Weather Girl : Poster
Weather – Caroll, The Weather Girl


Don’t Spend Christmas Alone

You are invited to our Christmas production called “The Gift” and also our Christmas service! For more information, please refer to the invite above or ask me! Christmas is a meaningful time, so spend it meaningfully with us as we discover what’s the meaning of Christmas with others through this live talk show we are hosting! See you there!!!


Testify Wear

I’ve been extremely busy these few weeks as we’re anticipating for the launch of my company’s first t-shirt. Yes, for those who are oblivious to this, I have my own company! It’s called Testify Wear and it’s an apparel line which sells t-shirts with positive and provocative messages. I have two other partners, namely Bernard and Vincent to run this company together with me and they’re really Godsend as they’re awesome partners. We’re still working on the website and all the other extensions. Once we have it done, it will be widely advertised here in my blog, that’s for sure.

So make sure you show some support yeah? Buy a few dozens if you must. Support local designers!!!