Christmas Time is Here!

The Heavenly Gift : Poster
The Heavenly Gift : Invites Back

Come join us for this year’s Christmas production “The Heavenly Gift!” Any questions, do ask me! Make this Christmas a heavenly one! Oh, and the admission is FREE!!! (the most important word) =P See ya there!!!

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  1. Misssiangchin
    Misssiangchin says:

    ur poster is amazing. i went asam house today and saw the little fliers. glance through i tot some movie advertisement in asam house, so i din take it. after i saw ur blog, i recall back the fliers…. too good to be true :P

  2. Aaroink
    Aaroink says:

    Haha, no lah. It’s very last minute work (as usual for 1a.m.) I think it was done within the time frame of a day. A lot of flaws in it. =)

  3. lynjocelyn
    lynjocelyn says:

    wow.. your flaws must be so good that only you know about it ahhaha!

    like who else can tell ah?;P

    great job for a one day thing.. imagine if you had all the time in the world.. anyway.. good one!

  4. Merr-peng
    Merr-peng says:

    HAR? you did that within a day? You’re obviously either a faster worker than I am or you knew exactly exactly exactly what the outcome was.

    MAYA modelling now. Hooray :P

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