Conversations with God

Sometimes the most profound lessons in life are the simplest ones. Listen to what this 12 year old kid has to say about his conversation with God. It’s a very short and simple clip but enough to move me and millions others to tears. Be blessed.

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  1. pyuschan
    pyuschan says:

    The video really touched me. Thanx Aaron for sharing.
    I got this you tube link from Evelyn..when I ask her, Does God have a plan when He take away someone or something we love the most? And she said,”yes, of course”.
    Then when I told her the truth that God took my two dogs about last week, I just simply blame God,and think why did He take my two little dogs that I just met when I backed to hometown? Last time He has taken more than three dogs that I have, and now He did it again (actually I don’t think the death is because of God, but people around my place gave poison to my dogs :)) Then I said to Evelyn if He has plan and will give me better dogs, I don’t want! I just want my dogs!
    But lastly I realize like the kid in the video. Yeah, may be He has a “plan” for me.
    Evelyn also told me that someday I could meet my dogs again in heaven. And it cheers me.:)

  2. Aaroink
    Aaroink says:

    =) Am just glad that we serve a great God who is personal enough to have only our best interest in mind.

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