Definition: Environment

Definition Environment

I love designing movie posters. When Joel asked me if I was interested in this project, I immediately said yes (despite my busy schedule) because I knew it was going to be fun (and usually, the best works are produced when the brief is fun). Well, here you go, the poster design for this short film, ‘Definition: Environment’

This is a short film done by Joel, a young but emerging world changer who has an eye for beauty through lenses (photography, filming, door peepholes and periscoping? Haha!!!). This short film made it to the Ecofilm Fest finalists and it will be screened on the 1st & 2nd of November 2008 at Aswara, KL. If you want to be inspired, make sure you make your way there then.

Joel, am so proud of you, rock on!!!

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  1. lynjocelyn
    lynjocelyn says:

    the poster is absolutely cool!=)

    thanks for supporting joel (me small brother) in this film project.. u being apart of this.. makes it even more cool.
    regards from singapore,

  2. Aaroink
    Aaroink says:

    No prob! Can’t wait to see the actual movie! (actually I never knew if the poster would reflect the movie, haha)

  3. Joel
    Joel says:

    ha! i’m not too sure either if my movie will hit the mark of the poster – people might even go, “where’s the sofa, and that standlamp, etc”

    fingers cross guys, hope to see ya’ll there!

  4. kids toys
    kids toys says:

    Thank you very much for sharing. I read some of your post and I most love this topic. Thanks again for sharing.

  5. Casey
    Casey says:

    WOAH! The poster looks awesome! You’re a really good designer! :D I wish I was as good as you, it would be really cool to design such awesome movie ad like that.

    and it’s so cool, cause you have the same surname as me. =D!

    Anyway, great work ;D!

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