Went to watch this movie called “Devil” the other day with Chrystin and I must say, this movie was totally out of my expectation. I expected some b-grade horror thriller (since it was by M Night Shyamalan) but I was pleasantly surprised. Have you ever watched a Christian-horror movie before? (Is there even such a genre?) This was my first. Interestingly, it had very obvious Christian values on repentance and forgiveness. They even showed a Bible verse at the beginning (another surprise that this was not banned in Malaysia). Anyway, here’re some thoughts I got from the movie.

1. If the Devil is real, then God must be real too.
This was one of most profound dialogues (somewhere in the end) of the movie. If people can believe in ghosts, demons or any supernatural/spiritual entities as such, I don’t see no reason why they should not believe in God too. If the Devil is powerful, then God must be even more powerful since God created him (or known as Lucifer, an archangel before he chose to become the Devil). If the Devil is scary, then people ought to fear God even more. It really doesn’t make sense to me why some people choose to glorify agents of evil and not agents of holiness.

2. All sin will be exposed in the end.
In the movie, all mystery was solved when Tony confessed the sin he committed. As remorseful as he is, he thought he could get away with it as long as nobody knew about it and it was never exposed. Until he met the Devil in a horrific manner, that is. It’s only a matter of time when our darkest secret sins will be exposed to the whole world to see. The Bible promises it. It’s either now when we’re still here or in the afterlife. And frankly speaking, I could not think of another religion or belief in the world that offers an assurance of absolute pardon for sins the way Jesus does. Our sins are completely blotted out if we choose to embrace Christ. As though having our sins pardoned is not enough, Jesus promises us a new life, a turn of the life after that.

“The light has come into the world, and people who do evil things are judged guilty because they love the dark more than the light. People who do evil hate the light and won’t come to the light, because it clearly shows what they have done. But everyone who lives by the truth will come to the light, because they want others to know that God is really the one doing what they do.” John 3:19-21

3. Forgiveness is a choice. A difficult one, but a necessary one.
At the end of the movie, I really thought Detective Bowden, in vengeance would kill Tony for the crime he has committed against his family. It was a secluded moment, they were alone and he had every opportunity to do so and still get away with it. But surprisingly (and definitely not a common gesture you find in Hollywood movies nowadays), he looked straight into Tony’s eyes and said, “I’ve dreamt of this moment forever, of the things I would say and do to you… but… I have forgiven you.”

I believe in that instance, the detective was released. Released from the bondage of hate, revenge and pain. Forgiveness does not just heal the other person who offended you. But ultimately, forgiveness heals you. It is only when we choose to forgive, can we experience real freedom and joy. It is only when we choose to forgive, can we be released to pursue a fulfilled life, unashamed, unbroken and unhindered.

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  1. Castiel
    Castiel says:

    This movie was amazing!!! I have watched it several times!!!
    The ending is awesome. I love the part when they say, ”IF THE DEVIL IS REAL, THEN GOD MUST BE REAL TOO.”

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