Do Not Try This At Home

I find this extremely amusing so I must blog about it. My ever funny housemate, Jackee, was having fever and I suggested he take Panadol Soluble instead of the normal tablets because it was very effective for me. So he bought some and he swallowed one.

In case, you didn’t get that, let’s rewind. He SWALLOWED a Panadol Soluble!!! You know, those extremely huge tablets meant to be dissolved in water instead? I am amazed by how he did it. He claims that it’s still stuck in his throat, slowly dissolving! It completely made my day when he came to tell me, “Aaron, you didn’t tell me I was supposed to put the tablet into water…” Man, which planet did you come from?! =)

Life lesson learnt here. Pay attention to Panadol Soluble’s TV commercials which teach you to put the tablets in water and allow it to dissolve, so you can drink it without going through the trauma of swallowing something as big as a 50 cent coin!

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  1. Aaroink
    Aaroink says:

    Haha, typo errors are quite common amongst Kuchingites too, I noticed =) And I was about to agree with your latter comment until I read the recent ‘justifying’ one, haha

    CARISSA says:

    oho shawn! so potong stim lah! kuching people are not lidat lah. only the males maybe. eheehee! :))

  3. ah^kam koko'
    ah^kam koko' says:

    It seems I have a secret something up my sleeves next time he teases me!
    Thanks, Aaron!

    Shawn.. shawn.. shawn..
    Dont be jealous that men from Kuching can be so adorable, k?
    You have good attributes too…
    I guess…

  4. carol
    carol says:

    ah kam:

    BUT SHAWN IS FROM KUCHING TOO! hahahahahahha.

    yah yah not everyone from kuching are like that! :D :D :D most are extremely intelligent, well-brought up, articulate.. you get the picture :D

  5. Aaroink
    Aaroink says:

    I’m just amazed how such a comment can stir up so many other comments and attracts the attention of other Kuchingites to defend their fellow contrymen’s identity. =)

  6. winifredlam
    winifredlam says:

    Hey this is about making fun of Jackee…not ALL the people from Kuching! Poor jackee but i still burst out laughing everytime i think about this eversince I read this from Aaron on facebook…poor Jackee but funny woh

  7. Aaroink
    Aaroink says:

    I know! His goofiness brings so much joy and laughter into my life! What would life be without Jackee? Haha!

  8. rache
    rache says:

    haha that’s a good one XD i have a video of my friend dissolving a vitamin c tablet on his tounge.. the noises (not to mention his face) were priceless!!
    hope everything is ok.
    in my prayers hehe, God bless!

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