Gone with the Wind

I thought this is a pretty appropriate blog post title in line with our recent relocation back to Sabah (known as the Land below the Wind). Yup, earlier in February, my wife and I have taken the step of faith to finally uproot ourselves (after more than a decade in Kuala Lumpur) to move back to Kota Kinabalu, my hometown.

It wasn’t a sudden decision though as I have always wanted to move back to Sabah ever since I graduated from college. The only reason why I’ve decided to remain in KL after graduation was really because of my church, Every Nation Church Malaysia (previously known as Eaglepoint Church). I felt God has called me to serve this church with everything I have until He says it’s time to move on. And in those thirteen years, I’ve been given the opportunity to serve as a campus leader, head of department for the Graphic Design ministry, worship leader and assistant life group leader. But more than just merely serving, I was on the receiving end as I am blessed to know that I have made an impact and have blessed others through my ministry.

Many people have asked us, “Why and how did we decide to move back here?”

Well, two years ago, I proposed this idea of moving back to my wife. Boy, you should have seen her reaction! She was absolutely against it. It was a big no no. And the reason? She said my hometown was boring and backward. Excuse me? I beg to differ! I prefer the descriptions “peaceful” and “developing.” But surely enough, as I persistently pounded the idea of relocating back to Sabah into her head (at every given opportunities during KL’s horrible traffic jams, hazy weathers, expensive toll prices, racist remarks made by pea-brain extremists), her heart began to change. She began to say “But if we move back, how are we going to…” instead of the blatant “NO!”

So in early 2015, we finally made the decision to move back to Kota Kinabalu. Unfortunately, this was due to the fact that Chrystin, my wife, has had a miscarriage… I blamed myself though. I felt guilty because I put both of us in a position where we had to work so hard to make ends meet and the mental, emotional and physical stress must’ve caused the miscarriage. That was the defining moment for me. It’s now or never. I told Chrystin, “Thats it. We’re moving back.”

Fast forward to the present, and here we are back in Kota Kinabalu! And our first child is due end of April (next month)! God’s timing is perfect, really! When we booked our flight ticket, we didn’t even know we’re going to be pregnant. And when we found out about Chrystin’s pregnancy, we realized the date of our departure was really the last week for her to safely travel on airplanes (well, according to the airline’s policy, that is). Anyway, as we’re expecting our first child, having my parents around would come in really handy too. We cannot imagine handling a baby all by ourselves. Thank God for family. Oh yes, we’ve also become quite horizontally challenged these days thanks to my mom’s daily homecooked food.

Well, life is a new discovery for us these days as we settle down here and say “Hello from the other side.” New faces, new places, new food. Can’t wait for our new bundle of joy to come!