Hatred Kills

I watched The Kingdom with some of the boys last night and I thought it was an awesome show. One of the better shows for these past months. It was definitely way better than Bee Movie, for goodness sake. I will not make further comments about that movie, just don’t watch it.

I guess one of the movie’s central messages is the consequences of hatred. One’s hatred, bitterness and unforgiveness can utterly blind that person from seeing things in a more objective and holistic manner. On one hand, the Muslim extremists were brainwashed by their fanatical leader to wipe out the “infidels” in their land by blowing themselves up, injuring and killing innocent people in their wayward pursuit for their god’s glory. On the other hand, the Americans were driven by vengeance to find the ones behind the scheme because of the death of their own member. It was clear when both of the parties vowed and said they were going to “kill all of them.” So, who’s the extremist?

Anyway, it is a scary thought that hatred can lead us into doing things which are so wrong such as killing one another and you might say these incidents are happening more and more rampantly nowadays. Don’t believe me? Just flip through the newspaper and see how many of these reports are there. You might say these murderers or extremists deserve to be punished using the worst ways ever.

However, all of us ‘kill’ people almost everyday.

I repeat, ALL of us kill people almost everyday (for some of us, all the time!). Well, not using physical weapons such as bombs, guns or knives (We’re way too sophisticated for that) but with the same weapon which the Muslim extremists and the Americans in the movie used.


There are people in our lives whom we totally hate or dislike. People whom you gnarl at just by the mention of their names. People whom you refuse or avoid contact with. People whom you ask God why do they even exist. We all, to a certain extend have such people in our vocabularies. And with the immense hatred that we have for them, we try to ‘kill’ them everyday with our sour faces, bitter gestures and our slandering words. A simple gossip can spark unrighteous flames unto a person’s reputation and esteem. Another simple bad setting-the-example gesture can lead others to treat him or her badly the same way we did. In our hearts, without us knowing it, we have already murdered that person in our hearts just like how the Bible puts it.

“Those who hate others are murderers, and you know that murderers do not have eternal life in them.” (1 John 3:15)

I was once in that same shoe of unforgiveness and hating others. I can tell u stories after stories of how I hated certain people in my life and I refused to speak a single word to them, spread slanderous things about them, treated them maliciously and the list goes on. And I remember very well, during those times I was bitter, chained in bondage of self-inflicted pain and not living in freedom at all. It was like poison. But I was the one gulping down the poison, hoping that the other person would die. Sounds silly, I know. All this went on for years until God stopped me from going deeper into this journey of self-destruction and taught me to forgive others unconditionally just like the way He forgave me so ever graciously.

What about you? Are you like the person I was before, caught up in this selfish agenda called hatred and ‘killing’ some people along the way? Well, don’t be. Don’t be an extremist that vows to “kill them all.” It’s not worth it. Trust me, it really isn’t. It’s never too late to reconcile and stop shoving the poison into your heart. And if you have shoved some poison into your heart, I know Someone who has the antidote that cures beyond measure and is more than willing to give us a new heart that chooses to love instead of hate.

So, next time, before you spread a single gossip about someone you dislike, do weigh the consequences of your actions or words. Remember, we will be required to give an account of all our actions to Him someday. You wouldn’t want ‘murder’ to be recorded in your list of actions, do you?

“Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy. “ (Matthew 5:7)