I Am Legend


A very slow but extremely thrilling movie. Yup, I know it sounds contradictory but ‘I Am Legend” is one of the slowest paced thriller movie I have ever watched. Everything is slow and calm until night time falls. That’s when it gets ugly. Really scary. I was so freaked out, I think I leaked a few drops in my pants. As I was walking out of the cinema, I overheard some Ah Beng and Ah Lian saying it was the worst show ever. I guess they were expecting the typical thriller type of movie, packed with action from the beginning to the end. But I personally thought it was an awesome movie and I learnt a great deal out of it. It does have a lot of points for one to ponder besides the bone chilling thrill. It made me put myself in Neville’s (Will Smith) shoes and wonder what would I do if that really happened. Anyway, these are some of the things I’ve learnt.

1. Man should never try to be God. The consequences are disastrous
In the movie, man tried to cure cancer. And of course, the attempt backfired and made every patient turn into blood-thirsty zombie-cum-vampire creatures. I’m not against medical advancement of humans curing cancer and all that, but I think diseases as such are there for a reason. We reap what we sow. They are the consequences of our actions. Tragic natural disasters that take away thousands of lives, fatal diseases that infect thousands every second, all these are the results of mankind’s selfish agendas and shortsightedness in foreseeing the consequences of our actions. And when we try to be God and solve or avoid the consequences of these problems, that’s when things get ugly simply because of our weaknesses. What weaknesses? I’ll just give one very obvious one. We cannot see nor determine what the future holds. That’s God’s job. Our job is to be obedient and live according to the plans He has for us. After all, who is man, a finite creation to go against God, an infinite being who has the ability to do everything as He desires? But this I know, if we are obedient to His will (and not try to be God over our lives), we will then live life to the fullest, simply because of the fact that He loves us and has great plans for us.

2. Sacrifice is needed for changes
Neville sacrificed his life to save humankind by preserving the last vial of blood that contains the cure for the disease. That’s the start of a change in the story of the movie although it wasn’t shown. Same goes for us, if we want a change in our lives, then sacrifices have to be made. Want to lose weight? Change your diet and lifestyle. Want to be smarter and more knowledgeable? Change your reading materials from comics to books that feed wholesome truths. Want to know God more? Change that rebellious, unwilling, doubtful and lazy attitude and start reading His Word, talk to Him and spend more time with His people! The more you are willing to let go, the more change you will see.

3. Everything happens for a reason
Anna was arguing with Neville that everything that happened was not a coincident and that was God’s way of allowing things to happen. She understood that God has a plan and is not just keeping quiet and watching man suffer. Isn’t that true? Everything happens for a reason. So there is no such thing as coincidences. You believe in science? I do too. I agree with Newton’s theory of relativity which says every motion (everything that happens) is caused by a force (something greater than the motion, like God, a creator who can do anything at all). So whatever you’re going through, know this, there is a purpose for your life. And it can only be traced back to that force, called God, our Creator.

4. Light will always prevail.
The creepy creatures in the movie cannot be exposed to light as that would mean an end to their dark, twisted and evil life. They may be strong and vicious, but just a simple ray of light is able to destroy them. And you know what? Light is always associated with God. Triumph, victory, strength, power and dominance are attributes of God. Though sometimes situations may seem bleak at times, but justice and truth shall prevail no matter what. So, is your life dimmed, unlit, blurred or even darkened? Or are you living in the light and in truth?

5. Appreciate the people around you no matter how annoying and different they are
There was no one literally around Neville except a German Shepherd in beginning of the movie because they all turned into those creepy creatures. He was so lonely that he had to make mannequins his friends. Don’t let that happen to you. Learn to love your neighbour while they’re still around. You’ll only get to see them in this life (unless both you and them are surely going to heaven, then yes, you get to see them for eternity) so make sure you honor, love and cherish every single second you get to spend with them.

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  1. royhamson
    royhamson says:

    Hi Aaron, 1st of all, good work on the design of your blog!.i have been tried to create my concept on my own but theres so many things i nned to learn how.=)..I thought tat the movie was awesome. Putting myself in Will Smith’s situation like this, it really spook me out. I totally agree with the point of view u hav mentioned after watching the movie. Its good to ponder our life again and to improved it=)

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