I Asked The Big “Will You?”

It is official. I am engaged!

Well, I planned to give myself to her as her 24th birthday gift =) So, this was what happened :

1. I conned her saying that we’re going for dinner with a few close friends from Puchong. I told her we’re going for steamboat porridge. You should’ve seen the cringe on her face. But I assured her that it was really nice, and it’s good to be adventurous and try new things.
2. Halfway through, we need to “pick up” Jackee (my accomplice) for the dinner. But the truth is, a whole bunch of them is already waiting at his house, throwing her a surprise party.
3. I called and found out that Jackee was not prepared yet (for dinner) when we reached his place and we need to go up to his apartment to wait for him while he showers since he just got home from work. I flashed my impatient, black face and she bought it due to my ever convincing acting. She thought I was really angry at Jackee for being late.
4. We went up to Jackee’s apartment, opened the door and wah lah, a whole bunch of people all crammed into Jackee’s kitchen right next to the door started singing the birthday song.
5. We had a chicken party (all sorts of chicken dishes such as chicken salad, chicken sandwich, fried chicken, chicken spaghetti, chicken stew and etc) because she loves chicken.
6. We talked, goofed around, shared with her our memorable moments together and did whatever we could to make her think that the party was over.
7. And then I initiated a gift opening session, and I happen to be the only one with a gift for her.
8. She opened my gift (a handmade doll that resembles me), got a shock when she saw the card that says, “Will you marry me?” I got on my knees and gave her a short speech of why she should marry me and told her I will not stand up unless she says “yes.”
9. She said “Yes!” and the crowd cheered!

So, yes. I am engaged.

The Proposal
The Mini-Me which I made (notice the distinctive hairstyle), the extremely girly card, the lucky girl and the crowd that witnessed the proposal (the guys were so pressured after that, Bernard had a major headache and Wai Kit nearly fainted).

I’m kinda sure a lot of people did not expect this coming from me and would ask questions like, “Are you guys ready for this?” or “Why so soon?” or “Do you have the money to get married?” and all sorts of other questions that the world bombards at people who have the slightest intention to tie the knot in marriage. The truth is, I don’t really understand why people are so concerned over such petty and trivial things. If I do love Chrystin, (and I have the blessings of our parents and spiritual leaders) then that’s all that matters. Everything else is secondary. Period. NOTHING else should stand in the way to hinder me from spending the rest of my life growing old with the love of my life.

If I was a girl and the man I love does not want to marry me because he thinks he’s not ready for marriage yet, then I’d be very offended. Offended because he’s not sure if I’m the girl he’d want to spend the rest of his life with. If I was a girl and the man I love does not want to marry me because he thinks he doesn’t have enough in his bank account, then I’d be very offended. Offended because money has robbed early marriage, youth and happiness from me. If I was a girl and the man I love does not want to marry me because he thinks he needs to climb the career ladder, buy a house, buy a car and get everything else so that I can live comfortably before he can marry me, then i’d be very offended. Offended because he did not include me in his life experiences and achievements. That is, if I’m a girl.

So, am I worried? Not really. I know everything will fall into place and I’d rather spend this time enjoying the planning, fussing around and working things out for our coming wedding with Chrystin (but I’m pretty sure she’ll be making most of the decisions =) Besides, the wedding should not be our main focus, but it should be marriage! Now, that I’m excited! =)

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  1. serene555
    serene555 says:

    WoW!!! congrats congrats congrats!!! and your reasons are soooo spot on. you should write a book on “what women want” hehehe. wishing you a life of happiness ahead which i’m sure both of you are already eager to grab onto in faith and trust in The Lord and in each other.

  2. Alice
    Alice says:

    I’m happy to be the first person who comment for this entry. I was damn sick yesterday that I couldn’t even leave a msg on Facebook to ask you to post how did you propose her on your blog. Finally you did so. =)) So good!
    Very happyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for you both. :) I’m sure Chrystin at that time just wanted to say YES before you finish your SHORT speech. ^^ And I agree with you that all other things are secondary to consider. As long as you guys love each other and always nurture your relationship, everything will just fall into place. :D
    Don’t forget my name in your wedding guest list. :) Congratssss! :D

  3. Wini
    Wini says:

    Well done :) and well said.

    Not having ‘it all’ and planning for the wedding and marriage and trsuting God and seeing how His plans and provisions unfold make it all the more meaningful and something you can always looks back on later in the marriage. Well done! I was a little worried you didn’t get this..but u did. good boy

  4. lisa
    lisa says:

    aaron dearie,

    im so very happy for you, and completely agree with your notion that everything else is secondary.
    Mark and I wish you both all the very very best…

    congratulations you fabulous lovebirds!


  5. Linda
    Linda says:

    Congratzzzzz, Aarooonnn….. Happy for both of you… So romantic….. Wish you both all the BEST!!!
    Marriage is not about ages, money or watever… It’s about both of you…. Really happy for you….

  6. Jonathan
    Jonathan says:

    congratulations bro! I do believe that God would use your relationship with Chrystin to make an impact to the life of alot of people. God Bless You Both!

  7. Clara
    Clara says:

    If I was a girl and the man I love does not want to make me his girlfirnd because he thinks I’m not ready, then I’d be very offended. Offended because he’s not sure if the relationship gonna work. If I was a girl and the man I love does not want to marry me because he thinks he doesn’t have enough in his bank account, then I’d be very offended. Offended because he doesn’t have motivation to work harder or financial plan to marry me.
    Just wanna share my point of view heheh….

  8. Michelle Ho
    Michelle Ho says:

    Oh my goodness, that was the sweetest thing I’ve read in a long while! Best wishes to you and your fiancée. (Found you through your post on Crafty’s facebook page – I replied to your query on joining the Crafty Art Market :D)

  9. Tefo
    Tefo says:

    Wow!Just read this today.I am so bad!…I am so encouraged..thank you for sharing brother man!

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