Incoherency is His Last Name (Part II)

We were at the karaoke yesterday and it was a bachelor party for Ian. So, we all started picking our songs to sing, getting food from the buffet counter, talking, joking and making fun of ourselves. And then, some weird song started to play. Very naturally, someone would have to ask the million dollar question.

Chua : Shi shei dian de? (who picked this song?)
Chris : San dian (three o’clock)

… There was a short silence in the room before we all burst into laughter and me choking on my food. I nearly died. And I don’t know from which: laughing or choking? And then came the fully legitimate justification. Chris was actually informing us that the karaoke sessions is only until 3pm! Don’t you just love his comprehension of homonyms?!?!

PS : Chris, we still love you even though you cannot differentiate “dian” (pick) and “dian” (o’clock)! Haha!!!

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