Incoherency is His Last Name

I was having a hard time removing my Malaysian road tax sticker from my windscreen (Malaysians, you know what I mean), scratching it like mad with my fingernails. So, I got Chris to help me to do it instead because I had to drive at that moment. He too had a hard time getting it off because he barely has nails. I was teasing him saying how I could do it in 5 minutes when he had to take forever.

Me : Chris, quickly remove the sticker already!
Chris : Yeah, I’m trying here!!! You think easy ah, hah?!
Me : Yeah…
Chris : Then you do lah!!!
Me : Well, you’re the architect…
Chris : But I’m not a sticker!!!

… There was a long silence in the car (Chin Hoe was sitting behind). I guess we were all thinking the same question in our minds, “Why does he have to be a sticker to remove a sticker?” We finally burst into laughter when we understood what he meant. He was trying to say that he wasn’t the ‘person who stuck’ (aka ‘sticker’) the sticker there in the first place. Talk about tuning into the wrong frequencies and extreme incoherency!!!

PS : Chris, we still love you even though you’re not a sticker! Haha!!!

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  1. chris4125
    chris4125 says:

    ooo now.. the thing is.. now the church knows about this man.. aiyo.. but anywayz this is chris ma.. if not everyone can be chris.. i’m special as an individual…

  2. Aaroink
    Aaroink says:

    Haha, yes Chris. Haven’t u learnt from Relationship 101? You are special no matter what! The ‘sticker’ part makes you even more… unique. =)

  3. Nickkisha
    Nickkisha says:

    I mean u said read it, it’s funny…and oh gosh it really is funny im still laughing. Typical Chris…and I mean that in the most appreciative way ;)

  4. ah^kam_koko'
    ah^kam_koko' says:

    I trick to removing the sticker without difficulty is in the way you put it on.
    Make sure that there are not air bubbles!

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