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I had a date with Jackee to watch this movie. It was kind of awkward to have two bachelors (Chinese say ‘Ma Lat Lou’) watching a movie together. Kungfu Panda is one of the most amusing movies I’ve ever watched. I loved it from the start to the end. A must watch. And the best part is, there’re no sexual innuendos of any sort! I am surprised! A proper and decent movie with Jack Black as the main cast. Very rare indeed! Not to mention, they captured the Chinese culture and kung fu quite accurately here. I definitely loved the action and fighting scenes. I thought they were so well choreographed. So, for those who are reading this, I wouldn’t mind having the DVD as my Christmas gift this year. These are some of the few things I’ve learnt from the movie.

1. There’re no secret ingredients or shortcuts to success.
When Po opened the Dragon Scroll, there wasn’t anything in it. He thought the contents of the scroll would make him the Dragon Fighter. He only got the answer when his father told him that the secret recipe to his soup noodles was just a make believe. You make something special by believing it’s special! So, for him to be the Dragon Fighter, he must believe that he IS the Dragon Fighter! Sometimes we are like that in real life. We try to achieve success by becoming someone else, as famous as ‘that’ person, as smart as ‘this’ person, as capable as ‘him’, as good as ‘her’ and the list goes on and on. The fact is, we were called to be the best us! I was made to be the best Aaron Lam! You were made to be the best _________ (insert your name here)! God never made us to be someone else. He made us to be the best us in Christ and through Christ! And He never gives us shortcuts. He gives us even more challenges and trials in life so that we can be trained to be the best us! The same way Master Shifu trained Po to be the best him in loving food and kungfu, God trains us through such hardships for our own good! Remember now, everytime when you face hardships, you are undergoing a vigorous training to become a better, stronger, more capable you. And that’s another addition for things to give thanks for. Trouble.

2. Pride leads to a downfall
When Tai Lung was getting so good in kungfu, both him and Master Shifu thought he would be appointed as the Dragon Fighter. He was puffed up with pride because of his prowess and capability. However, when Master Oogway saw pride and darkness in his heart, he refused to give Tai Lung the title. Immediately, it led to the rebellion and imprisonment of Tai Lung. Most of us act like Tai Lung at times. When we’re good at something and when we master it, we are filled with pride and self-reliance. It’s good to master something but be careful though, to not let that make your heart be filled with pride. And make sure you never think that you don’t need your Creator, saying you’re good and you do not need extra ‘guidance.’ He could always strip off these things from your life since He is your Creator, the One who gave them to you. He is a God that lifts up the humble but brings down the proud. Have you been prideful lately? Watch out, downfall is knocking on your door.

3. Everyone has their strengths in a different measure
Po was relatively weak compared to the Furious Five but when he was fighting with Tai Lung, his biggest weakness (his fat), was also his biggest strength! Because of the thick layer of his fats, Tai Lung was unable to perform his paralyzing nerve attacks on him (when even the Furious Five were badly affected by that move)! His clumsiness also neutralized Tai Lung’s dexterity! I remember a chinese saying that goes like this, “You fight harshness with gentleness”. It’s a Yin and Yang relativity and opposition principle of life. You may think you are not as good or strong as someone else. But probably you’re only looking at the word ‘strength’ in a single perspective. Try looking at it in a broader perspective. Someone may be good at speaking and you may not. But you may be good at listening and he may not. Someone may be good at planning and you may not, but you may be good at executing and he may not. So you see, everyone has their own strengths. You just need to look at it from a different perspective depending on the situation.

4. Everyone has a destiny. There’re no accidents.
Po was destined to be the Dragon Fighter, not a noodle seller with his dad. And he found great fulfillment when he found that destiny and he wasn’t willing to part with it because he finally tasted what it meant to be ‘alive.’ Do you know what’s your destiny? Do you know what you were made for? You know, sometimes we can be doing a lot of great stuff and achieve a lot of fame, money, relationships, great successes and accomplishments, but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee you fulfillment in life. Just look at the famous and successful people in Hollywood who live messed up and mediocre lives. The biggest question in life that everyone should ask themselves is, “What on earth am I here for?” And I believe that question can only be answered by one Person. Your Creator. If I was a chair, I wouldn’t know that my purpose was to be sat on by people. People could use me as a table to put stuff, flip me upside down and make me a dustbin and other good use of me BUT that wasn’t what I was made for! I’ll only know what I was made for when the one who created me told me directly I was meant to be sat on OR gave me a manual of how to make full use of me. Do you see that happening in your life? Doing a lot of other good but unnecessary stuff which you were not really made for? Are you living life to the fullest? Are you even ‘alive?’ And no, you are not an accident. God doesn’t make mistakes, that’s why He’s God. =)

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  1. Danielle
    Danielle says:

    A very comprehensive movie review! Nicely put =) I refrained myself from reading ur points and went to catch the movie last night. Haha..it was so good. Thanks for putting up this post.

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