Life as a Star

What an interesting and flattering day. I was entering the Student Services office to purchase my bus card for the month of November and as I went in, the clerk who was at the desk smiled at me. She was busy talking on the phone and she told me to take a seat. After she was done with her phone call, I approached her desk to purchase the bus card.

Lady : [ Stares with a suspicious smile ]
Me: Hi, I’d like to buy a bus card please.
Lady : To where?
Me : Prima, Vista Prima.
Lady : [ Still staring with that look ]
Me : [ Ignoring her and busy filling in my particulars ]
Lady: [ Finally, she asks ] Are you a movie actor?!
Me : Huh? Er, no, I don’t think so…
Lady : Have you been in any movies or commercials?
Me : Nope.
Lady : Are you sure? Hm. You look like a movie actor…
Me : Wow, that’s a first.
Lady : Really? You mean I’m the first one to ask you that?

The moral of the story: Not every good looking guy is a movie actor or a star. =)

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  1. 9Lin
    9Lin says:

    of cos your a star!!! YOU ARE SHINNING BRIGHTLY for God!…. btw..let her know next time, movie star dun buy monthly bus tickets… they probably owns a car… or have a cab waiting…hiaks! u’re doin great

  2. Aaroink
    Aaroink says:

    Haha, I need a limo to complete the star disguise. Gee, how good if Carol was half as encouraging as u are, haha!

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