One Malaysia

Check this video out. It’s produced by my friend. I thought it was amazing and timely for my post on our National Day which is just around the corner.

Honestly speaking, I love Malaysia. I am proud to be Malaysian. Yes, Malaysia has its flaws and weaknesses and I don’t necessarily agree with many things going on here but it’s my country, nevertheless.

I love Malaysia because I can wake up every morning and complaining about going to work or the crazy weather but not need to worry about having a bomb drop on my roof or doorstep.

I love Malaysia because me and my Malay or Indian friends can complain and laugh at our cultural differences and yet live peacefully in mutual understanding of our strengths as one nation and people.

I love Malaysia because I can complain about the expensive petrol prices, unreasonable toll or parking fees, bizarre scandals involving politicians, unruly government ruling or political situations but live to know that my country is still here to stay after 52 years of independence and still learning from its mistakes.

I love Malaysia. Not merely because of reasons. For no reasons can ever blot out the fact that this is my country, my nation, my home.

Happy 52nd Merdeka, everyone.

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