Our Christmas Production Posters

They’re finally out! I was wanting to post it but our producer (Kareem) said he wanted to keep it a surprise until the production was over. It was a very interesting task and I had a great time designing these posters. They made me laugh while editing them (people thought I was out of my mind or something)! Anyway, if you don’t know what are these, they’re actually part of the deco for our Christmas production this year! We had talk show (something like Oprah Winfrey) at our church and we interviewed a few people who found the gift of hope in the most helpless times of their lives, specifically, a couple whose baby nearly died during the delivery, a young man who had a dysfunctional relationship with his father and a man who suffered chronic depression from his divorce. I must say, it was an awesome production! Many lives were touched, inspired and most importantly God’s amazing deeds were made public!!! Stay tuned for the pictures of the production in my Multiply photo album soon (once I find the time, December is the busiest time of the year, you know)!!!

Click on the images for a larger resolution. And for those who requested for high resolution soft copies for prints, please email me again so I can send them to you.

Conversations With Cathryn : Main : Poster
Talk Show – Conversations with Cathryn

Conversations With Cathryn : Desperate Husbands : Poster
Drama Series – Desperate Husbands

Conversations With Cathryn : Extreme Sports : Poster
Sports – Extreme Sports

Conversations With Cathryn : Ballet Superstar : Poster
Reality Show – Ballet Superstar

Conversations With Cathryn : News @ 8 : Poster
News – News at 8

Conversations With Cathryn : The Weather Girl : Poster
Weather – Caroll, The Weather Girl