Save Ninja & Susu

We knew our lives would never be the same when we decided to adopt our first pet dog together as a couple. Ninja was just another newborn stray puppy that was born in a parking lot. Her kind-hearted rescuer saved Ninja and her siblings and delivered Ninja to us all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Puchong when we responded to her SOS post on Facebook asking people to adopt these poor pups.

We were right. Our lives have been never the same since. Ninja has enriched our lives and brought so much laughter to our tiny home with her Ninja-ish antics. Never have we been happier to see a pup that jumps in excitement, wags her tail (and butt) off when she sees us coming home from a mile away.

After a year and a half, we decided to adopt another puppy so that Ninja would have a companion whenever we are not at home. That’s when we found Susu, another stray puppy that was abandoned by her owners. Susu had a huge, hairless, red spot on her thigh when we first met her. According to her rescuer, she was abused and splashed with boiling, hot water by the neighbours as she was in a residential area that’s hostile to dogs.

She was so timid and afraid when we adopted her. But she has taught us how to forgive those who trespass against us when she chose to forgive and forget about the humans who abused her, and now opt to love and protect us, her new humans who have adopted her (and her new black furry sister, of course).

Earlier this year, we’ve decided to relocate back to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah as we decided to raise our family there. And we were prepared to bring our furkids back with us even if it costs us a bomb (almost RM3,000 for all the shipping expenditures). When it was almost time for us to relocate, there was a rabies outbreak in the northern part of Malaysia (Penang) and the Sabah government immediately issued a despotic ban on the import of pets/animals from West Malaysia into East Malaysia. We were devastated. We have no choice but to ask for our friends’ help to take care of our pets temporarily as they’re stranded in Kuala Lumpur while we’re back here in Kota Kinabalu.

We have been constantly chasing the Sabah Vet Department for updates in regards to the lift of the ban since last year. If rabies is the main concern, then I do not see why exceptions cannot be made if we can get our pets examined and proven to be rabies free. However, due to the tardiness of this government department, our process of importing them back here have been delayed time and time again. To be exact, we have been delayed for almost 6 months (Penang has lifted orders to cull rabies infected dogs in the state since 9th October 2015).

As much as it breaks our heart to be separated from our furkids, we cannot allow them to be living alone in KL anymore. Currently, our kind friends have been feeding and bathing them till now. But we cannot trouble our friends forever as we have no idea how long it would take for the state vet department to lift this obsolete and irrelevant ban.

So, we hereby, humbly implore you to help us by :
1. Adopting or fostering Ninja & Susu – we still want them back once the ban is lifted, if possible. But if they have come to love their new forever home, then we want what’s best for them.
2. Sharing this article – if you are unable to adopt them, let your families/friends know. They might be able to adopt them.
3. Bugging the Vet Department to lift this ridiculous ban – more people voicing out about this ban means they will have no choice but to take this issue seriously (and provide a solution quickly). This is their website (http://davetsa.sabah.gov.my), the Director, Dr Yeo’s email (boonkiat.yeo@sabah.gov.my) and their office number (088-287401).
4. Sharing this image – if you are not keen to use Facebook or social media, perhaps you can forward this image below to your friends via Whatsapp.

I thank you in advance for your help in circulating this piece of news. Please pray that we will be reunited with our furkids as soon as possible.


UPDATE (05 May 2016) : We have good news! We managed to find another solution which we think may work! =) And we just found a friend who offered to help! We will be calling and making the arrangements tomorrow. Now, let’s pray that the procedures will be straight forward and simple! 

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  1. VJ
    VJ says:

    Heartbreaking! I would love to adopt but for now I myself have 2 large rascals to manage. I will share your post..Hope the ban get lifted soon!

  2. June
    June says:

    They look so happy with you and your wife. :(
    I pray that they can be reunited with both of you asap!

  3. Angela
    Angela says:

    My heart goes out to you guys. I can’t ever imagine being separated from my doggies; i feel your pain :( i hope it all works out quickly for you & your beloved dogs.

  4. ken kok
    ken kok says:

    I miss my Female dog too, now is 1 year and 1 month old. My wife got cancer and can took care of her in short term. Miss her very2 much.

  5. Kate
    Kate says:

    I don’t quite understand why the ban was necessary? Indeed there was an outbreak of rabies and it was a requirement for the dogs to be vaccinated to protect them. Even the UK govt is not stopping from sending dogs to UK as long they have an approved vaccine for rabies. The only additional requirement was the Nipah virus test. Some ref here https://www.gov.uk/take-pet-abroad/rabies-vaccination-boosters-and-blood-tests
    What I’m trying to say is that if a country like the UK can set this rules, I don’t see why Sabah vet can’t do it. If they are so unsure, get the rabies blood test done. That will prove if your dogs are infected or not.

    • Aaroink
      Aaroink says:

      Exactly! We have been trying to tell the exact same thing to the Director of Sabah’s Vet Department the whole time. Why can’t we just go through tests and prove that my dogs are vaccinated and rabies free? The standard answer was, “Oh, that’s the law. I can’t do anything about it.” =(

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