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I’ve always been a Simpsons fan and I have to say that The Simpsons Movie was better than what I expected! (My reviews may be biased) I was kind of the loudest one when it comes to laughing throughout the whole movie. I guess if I watched it in another cinema like One Utama or Sunway Pyramid, it would’ve been a better crowd with a better sense of humor since the movie was full of sarcasm, subliminal and indirect jokes where a normal ‘average Joe’ would not find it funny at all. Oh well, I laughed my heart out so that’s what really matters. People always said The Simpsons was a bad influence but I personally think it’s not. In every episode, it tackles with a value or global issue which we are going through and the movie tackles it very tactfully, leaving you thinking about the problem until you’re convicted of some truth at the end of the show (though often sarcastically twisted). When you change your perspectives, it’s actually a whole lot of truth!

Anyway, these are the Top 10 Things I’ve Learnt from The Simpsons Movie

1. God can speak through anyone, anywhere and anytime
God chose to use Grampa Simpsons when he was unprepared (sleeping) and considered totally ‘useless’ to warn Springfield of the looming disaster. God can use anyone whom He pleases mainly to shame us, the ‘wise.’

2. We reap the consequences of pollution
Springfield reaped the consequences of near destruction because they refused to listen to Lisa or brushed her aside with ignorance when she pleaded with them to stop polluting the lake. Aren’t we the same? Listening to the environmental reports of global warming, floods, heatwaves and etc but do nothing about it, ignore it and brush it aside because the disasters have not happened to us… yet.

3. Admit it when you’re wrong
Homer did not admit his fault and that got him into a lot of trouble. Everyone found out he was the culprit anyway. Admitting our wrongs may save us from unnecessary trouble in the future.

4. Listen to people who may be younger than you
Marge didn’t understand Maggie when she signalled for them to jump into the sand hole to escape. But when she did, she led the family to safety. We should learn to listen to people because sometimes they know things we don’t know, and for all we know, they could be right. Be humble, and listen.

5. Running away does not solve problems
Homer ran away from the problem but that did not solve the problem. He thought he was fine in Alaska. In the end, he had to go through all the trouble and save Springfield himself.

6. Don’t take for granted the people whom we love
Homer didn’t know the value of family until they all deserted him to save Springfield. We should love our loved ones now that they’re still here. Don’t wait till they’re gone. And then we’ll be haunted with regrets for the rest of our lives.

7. It’s never about us
Homer realized it was never about him and he has been selfish all the while. That was the turning point of the movie and moved to a positive perspective, bringing hope to destructing Springfield. When all of us start to think and look out for others, the world would be such a wonderful place with no strife, violence, hatred, bitterness and etc.

8. Committing suicide does not solve problems either
The robot was under too much pressure from trying to disarm the bomb so it decided to commit suicide by shooting itself in the head. That did not solve the problem. The bomb was still there. It’s the same situation in real life. But the good news is, God never allows us to go through a trial that’s too big for us to handle and He will always provide a way out.

9. Be patient and choose your future partner wisely
Lisa never rushed into a relationship and was picky and sure of the values and qualities she wanted in her future partner. She found someone and she’s thoroughly happy. We should learn to be patient and choose our partners carefully. Don’t succumb to peer pressure and jump into a relationship that heads to nowhere.

10. Choose to do good even when people repay with evil
Ned Flanders never stopped doing good and accepting Bart who’s always been persecuting and rejecting him. In the end, Bart felt loved and his heart was changed. Also, who would know that Bart would be the one who ends up saving the day? You’ll never know who’s life you’re changing by doing good persistently. God never stopped loving us who constantly rejects Him, nailed Him to the cross, and sin against Him all the time. His faithful and unconditional love will win our hearts in the end.

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  1. 9Lin
    9Lin says:

    I am amazed by how u have portrayed your ‘definitions’ of The Simpsons. I can’t help but wonder if the director, script writer or cartoonist actually saw the value u saw when they do this movie… For someone whom cannot even go through a 15 mins series of The Simpsons, you actually curiousified me to want to try watch n see it the way u saw it… The Simpsons should be paying you to blog bout their movie attracting non-viewer to be interested.
    Cheers! :)

  2. Peter B. Steiger
    Peter B. Steiger says:

    9lin, as an evangelical Christian I have to say there is a tremendous positive message in the Simpsons. Ned may have some eccentric personal traits that we would not want to emulate and sometimes his grasp of theology is a bit shaky, but he lives out the uncond-diddley-itional love that Christ commands of us. As Homer put it – “He’s turned every cheek on his body”.

    Ned’s performance in the movie was even more profoundly altruistic. Wow! Every kindness he showed Bart brings a tear to my eye.

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