Top 10 Reasons I Love Malaysia

1. Awesome food found nowhere else. And everywhere else’ food can be found here. And I can eat at any time of the day, thanks to 24/7 mamaks.
2. So multiracial sometimes I forget I’m Chinese and what’s my mother tongue.
3. Watching movies at the cinema is dirt cheap and I have come to appreciate Malaysia’s censorship measures to avoid awkward sex scenes with my parents sitting beside me.
4. I can drive as fast as I can, I just need to slow down when I reach a permanent speed trap (locations posted on the internet).
5. The internet is so slow sometimes it forces me to go out and have some sunshine before I turn vampirishly pale.
6. We’ve got ridiculously corrupted politicians to spark amazing patriotism and instill hate for evil and love for righteousness that I thought I’d never have in me.
7. The weather is blazing hot all year long and I’m constantly burning calories and losing weight due to the excessive sweating.
8. The shopping malls here are so freaking huge, it must be God’s way of instilling patience in me to walk from one end of the mall to the other just to get a pair of shorts (not to mention the extra workout).
9. We’re spared from SO many natural disasters happening all around us.
10. It’s the only place I call home.