Migrated… Virtually

It is finished.

After years of deciding and procrastinating, I finally made it. I’ve migrated from blogger to wordpress. I’ve always wanted to do so, but the thought of the hassle and work involved just turned me off. However, due to certain circumstances, I finally had to do so. And I must admit, wordpress is definitely a great choice. Made me wonder why didn’t I use it earlier. If you’re a blogger, you really should consider wordpress too.

I needed a single domain for my portfolio, blog and other pages (which will come soon) and if you observed, this is an integration of all that! In one domain! Hallelujah.

Well, make sure you bookmark this URL (www.aaroink.com) because from now on, I am officially giving my old blog an indefinite sabbatical. With a cool new blog like this, I think I’ll be inspired to write more nowadays.

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