Who Is He?

I had the opportunity to act in a short skit for our Easter service last weekend and man, did I have tonnes of fun (and pressure from memorizing my lines)! It was a skit based on the question, “Who is Jesus? Is He a megalomaniac, schizophrenic, philosopher or messiah?”

There were four characters in the skit: a revolutionist who was angry at Jesus for being another power hungry figure (That’s me! Yeeha!), a gypsy who loved Jesus’ lunacy and outrageous teachings, an intellect who crowns Jesus as a master philosopher and a simple woman with a broken life who encountered Jesus’ love and mercy. All of them have their own opinions on who Jesus is but I love how the skit directs the final question to the congregation.

“Who is Jesus to you?”

Honestly and personally, I think all four views apply to Jesus. I think :

1. He is a Megalomaniac because He does desire absolute surrender of our lives! However, He only has our best interest in mind and that makes surrendering everything to Him worth every bit of it. Besides, we suck big time when we’re given power due to our human nature and tendency to abuse it.

2. He is a Schizophrenic because He is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent! He is the God Man after all. For mortals like us, we will never fully understand His ability to see the past, present and future, to be here, there and everywhere else and to do this, that and everything else at the same time! Confused yet? Well, he’s not. We are. In fact, He is in perfect control! In our shortsightedness and limitations, He proves Himself to be a big, amazing, almighty, all powerful God who holds this very existence in balance!

3. He is a Philosopher because He is the author of wisdom. Let’s face it. It doesn’t matter who’s the greatest philosopher of all time. He must be the greatest of them all since He created and gave these philosophers their awesome brains! Need advice? You know who best to ask now.

4. He is the Messiah. Add all three attributes above and an unconditional Love that never fails, you get God’s most powerful attribute: His ability to save. This, I cannot elaborate. You must experience His saving grace for yourself. And I believe you too, will come to know him ultimately as your Messiah.

So, who is Jesus to you?